Signs of autism spectrum disorder

Signs of autism spectrum disorder in early childhood

If your child has a few of these signs, an autism assessment may be helpful.

  • Does not point to things he or she is interested in.
  • Reduced use of eye contact with people outside the family.
  • Rarely smiles when looking at others or does not exchange back-and-forth warm joyful expressions.
  • Does not spontaneously use gestures such as waving, or pointing.
  • More interested in looking at object than at faces.
  • Content to spend extended periods of time alone.
  • Does not make attempts to get parents attention.
  • Does not follow or look when someone is pointing at an object.
  • Responds to name inconsistently.
  • Seems to be in his or her “own world”.
  • Does not respond to parents.
  • Avoids or ignores other children when they approach or interact attempts to play.
  • Loss of a previously acquired language or a social skill
  • Displays a strong reaction to various textures sounds or lights.
  • Lacks interest in toys or plays with them in an unusual way e.g. lining up, spinning, smelling, opening and closing small doors.
  • May engage in prolonged visual inspection of objects.
  • Insists on routines.
  • Has a preoccupation with unusual interests.